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Looking for AQ Alliance

Hi. Steve wants a decent AQ focused alliance with 250+ mil each week. Steve is cool and decently skilful. He has a 9.2k prestige and a nice looking 8 maxed 5* champions roster. He just wants to be a part of your alliance. I'm Steve, by the way. Nice to meet you.


  • Tdawgx55Tdawgx55 Posts: 33
    Line id? Check us out mate.
  • AeldelyosAeldelyos Posts: 16
    Line id and ingame nick same as here, bud!
  • GOA78GOA78 Posts: 62
    Hi Steve. We have room for one more soon. 267mill in aq. Aw optional. Line-ID goa2578
  • JoeRJoeR Posts: 11
    We are a g1 alliance running 66655x3 scoring 317m in aq. Message me in line. Line id: joeyr10
  • Hey Steve. Shane is the leader of Anarchy. Anarchy runs map 655 in aq. Aw is only 2 bgs, so you can get the gold 3 rewards, or not. Message Shane on line if you wanna chat more- lineID huke_juke

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