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Suggestion for next show up event.

DariusYiDariusYi Posts: 171
edited August 2020 in Suggestions and Requests
Dear Kabam,

I would like to suggest for the next show up event to be restricted to 3* champs and scale the difficulty for 3* champs, whatever u think is reasonable/challenging for 3* champs.
I think the initial idea of using only 4* champ is a good idea. This way those who do not have 5* or 6* would have similar playing experience with those who do. But the weakness is that, the resources required to rank up 4* would deplete them to rank up 5* and 6* champs.
But 3* doesn't require t4 catalyst, so it would be a better option. This would also open the fun to beginners as well. The showdown can have the 4* requirement and scale to the max challenge. If they are comfortable with their 3* champ during show up, they can rank up their 4* for showdown, if required.

Appreciate your consideration. Thank you.
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