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2 looking for new alliance 10.5k pres

Me and my buddy need a new alliance that can finish the maps it does in AQ and War. We can do map 6 in AQ no desire or experience for map 7. Have been in Plat 1 wars and we’re winning players. Grimm87 is my line contact.


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    darkklawdarkklaw Posts: 93
    Message me on line
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    Generalzod163Generalzod163 Posts: 132
    Add me on LINE app, generalzod163
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    SpiderCWLSpiderCWL Posts: 141
    We are an alliance in the rebuilding process. Veteran and intermediate players are welcomed. Currently doing Maps 5 & 3 in AQ, and may do 5/4/3 in the future to accommodate players of different levels. Also do 1 group (optional) in AW. No chat app required. Only use the in-game chat. Search for "team martin" if interested.
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    Excelsior4Excelsior4 Posts: 18
    Grimm, we are Gold3/Silver1, 5/4/3 looking for more heavy hitters. We have room for two. I’m on line at Excelsior. Excelsior!~4 in game
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    Rwj_2Rwj_2 Posts: 163 ★★
    @TrashPandaExpress are you still looking?
    25 mil alliance, 9.2k prestige. 5x5 mix of master and epic mods. 250mil score, always 100%. 1bg aw optional but organized. Message me here or join discord recruitment chat if interested.
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