How do I bait out Silver Surfer's special?

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Having a hard time with the Summoner Showdown qualifier. Mainly, it's getting Surfer to throw specials. After he throws around 3 special 1s, he becomes more and more passive until he inevitably gets a passive power gain to special 3. How do I get him to throw more specials? Preferably special 1?
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    Just git gud
  • DPXFistheGOATDPXFistheGOAT Posts: 728 ★★★
    Lioz178 said:

    Just git gud

    Why do you think im asking this? I need advice to git gud
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    Snizzbar said:

    I charge and punch once, then pause for a fraction and back off. If he fires a special 1 try not to dodge too early and if it's a special 2 don't start dodging too late 👍

    How far do you back off and do you intercept only when you charge? Or do you charge in after surfer attacks?

    I tried doing something similar and eventually surfer just stops throwing specials
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    My strategy is:

    Release block -> Let your character walk free towards the enemy (within a considerable distance or action point as Dork calls it) -> If he dashes right at you, perform a dex and then the AI will throw a special (80%) of the time -> Dex again to evade the special

    If he doesn't dash right at you, dash back again at an action point distance and repeat until you get the appropriate reaction.

    This is also my strategy to bait parry. Works all the time against aggressive A.I.s.
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    You don’t bait his special ones. You do all you can to push him to special 2, and pray that he doesn’t launch special 1.

    Once you get that down, you’ve just began your journey of putting a sub 8 minute timing up, which is not even close to putting you in top 10 in any region.

    I’ll give you the stats as well.

    Special 1 takes around 4 seconds to fire off. Special 2 takes 3 seconds to fire off. But each sp1 takes 1 bar while special 2 takes 2 bars (obviously). This means, excluding time spent for baiting, evading a sp2 is a net -5 seconds on your time.

    Just count how many times you have to bait specials and do the math. 😊
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