LF1 Active Map5 player, 8/10k prest. AQ 220mil. Family vibe ally. War optional. Line required

Good Morning,

We are looking for 1 player to join our Active Alliance ready for when AQ restarts later today. We run 5x5 and picking up 218/221 AQ score. 8/10k prestige to keep that score pushing towards 225 for the next milestone.

1 BG wars mainly so optional but we finished Silver 1 last season so trying to creep towards Gold 3.

We are a relaxed crew with little to no drama and understand people play round their jobs and family. We use Line for comms.

My ingame and Line is twistedcowgirl if you are interested.


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    TwistedcowgirlTwistedcowgirl Posts: 151
    Spot filled... many thanks
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    TwistedcowgirlTwistedcowgirl Posts: 151
    And we are back to looking for 1... the fish we had jumped the hook...
    Mainly US timezone but I’m UK so anyone welcome so long as your active and clear your lanes...
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