Top 5 Tech Champs

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Rolling right along with the Tech Class.

Remember, these are supposed to be YOUR rankings of the Tech class, not seatin's or any other tier lists.

1. Ghost - I mean, it's not really debatable. She takes some skill to play, but even if you don't know how, she is still really solid. Of all the "higher skill" required champs, I found her much easier to learn than Quake and the others. Great synergies as well!

2. Warlock - So much fun to play and wonderful utility. Power control, check. Great Damage, check. Immunity, Check. Regen, Check.

3. Guillotine 2099 - Her and Warlock are interchangeable for me deepening on the opponent. They check all the same boxes except her damage isn't crazy until you ramp her up a bit. For me, she is one of the top 3 or 4 "fun" champs to play.

4a and 4b. OG Vision and AOU VIsion - This is where the tech class gets tricky. A huge drop off from the top 3, but the next 5 or so are all so close for me. I went with the Visions because they are simple, require no ramp up and for the power control.

5. Nebula - So underrated and lost in the "mid tier" of the Tech class. She doesn't stand out more than the rest, but for me, this rating is based solely on her sp2 with max electro charges. Outside of building her charges up, she is easy to play and hits relatively hard.

Apologies to Darkhawk and Starky.

Darkhawk - He is actually one of my favorite champs to play because I used him so much early on. He was my first "god-tier" 4* and I duped him quick. I love his synergy with NT and Moon Knight as well, but ultimately they just take up 2 spots I don't really use while questing.

Starky - I really like Starky, but the cool down on the on the heavy power drain is too long. It if were 15 seconds, he would be #3 on my list. The taunt buff helps alleviate that somewhat, but I find it doesn't not work as intended. I will try to bait the sp1 while the opponent is taunted and it just rarely happens.

Note - Guardian very well may move ahead of g2099 for me once I play him a bit more. I have him r3 as a 4* and I really like him. Once I get him to r5 or as a 5* (yeah right) he will move up for sure.

I think this class is going to really interesting to see what everyone else has in the 4 and 5 spots. What are YOUR opinions?


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