Archangel bugged [Under Investigation]

cccar1420cccar1420 Posts: 54
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His abilities cannot be lowered by the opponent's ability so why when I fight Magneto in master mode I'm magnetized the whole fight? Please fix!


  • Its been bugged ever since he was out
    Nothing new here
  • So we just say forget it and do nothing to get it fixed?
  • Nothing much you can do about it tbh

    He still is god tier without that ability of his
  • Yea parry popped up and nothing happened except me taking a combo to the face
  • Nothing bro like I said his ability never worked hes just your usual metal champion who gets his ability accuracy reduced
  • No it was a regular fight in master mode chapter 3 part 2 so only had the Global nodes
  • Logically this should be happening... sort of. It's magneto bro. Should weaken them or something like that cuz of the metal imo.

    You seem to have no idea what we are talking about do you....
  • eXtripa69eXtripa69 Posts: 2,367
    His ability is bug since he was introduced to the game.
    The team is aware of this issue, and they "tried" to fix it, but it din't worked.
  • Hey everyone. I'm going to get in touch with the team about this one. I'll let you all know once I have more information. Thanks!
  • Thank you
  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 162
    Well it seems that white Magneto can't reduce his ability but red Magneto can.
  • This is the third or fourth time Kabam has been made aware of this bug, and each time they claim it's fixed in the patch notes nothing has changed. PLEASE let this be the last time we have to bring this bug up in the forums and get it fixed once and for all.
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