Can't enter Boss Rushes

ThunderGodThunderGod Posts: 339 ★★★
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Can't seem to enter the previous boss rushes, have 100% them all.
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  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 16,304 ★★★★★
    are you in the middle of another quest?
  • ThunderGodThunderGod Posts: 339 ★★★

    are you in the middle of another quest?


  • RisenfromhellRisenfromhell Posts: 241 ★★
    Have you cheked arena for an unfinished run
  • Jackd1989Jackd1989 Posts: 320 ★★
    Is this the summer showdown ones? Did you somehow try to enter the silver surfer one just as the cap marvel one went live?
  • ThunderGodThunderGod Posts: 339 ★★★
    Wasn't in any game mode at the time, and this is the boss rush events, the one with 6 fights
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