You are killing android!

I cannot play labyrinth of legends and allience quest on Android. Anything other than these I can play normally without any problem. For the specific modes I mentioned, it takes 60 seconds to enter the fight. Lots of people playing this game on Android just like me. I was expecting you to fix it with the last update but you didn't. It's the same. Please, take care of this problem.


  • VVEED_VVEED_ Posts: 28
    After new update it's same
    Game freezes after taping on fight button in labyrinth of legends and never goes back to normal
    And in AQ it freezes like 30-40 sec ..
    It's kind of annoying to play AQ
  • salisali Posts: 23
    If my device is old, why is it perfectly working in other game modes other than lol and aq?
  • Yeahh and sometimes game freezes mid fight and i get a slapped to oblivion especially in aq and war
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    From my end, the game is barely playable. I've used more pots this AQ round since updating than I ever have before.

    Really horrible.
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