Magneto Marvel Now: Prowess Buff doesn't Pause while Cruelty Buff is active

He has 2 ways of getting a Prowess Buff, each way has its own Prowess value and duration.

1) From heavy attack
2) Landing hit or got hit (if you have at least one persistent charge).

SP3 has 70% to gain a cruelty buff.
While Cruelty Buff is active, all Prowess Buffs remain Paused.

So, it means you can play until you get maximum 10 Prowess Buffs, do SP3 and hope getting the Cruelty Buff, and your Prowess Buffs will Pause.

But, right now, when fighting ROL Winter Soldier that doesn't happen.

My Prowess Buffs are still expiring. What gives?
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