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HUUUUGE Question for Kabam Censors

So, I wanted to use a name change token for my profile, and because I really like the comedian, Bob Hope, I was going to make that my name (on a secondary account). However, I was denied that under the pretense that it was profanity. So my question is How is Bob Hope considered profanity? Could someone in the censor dept explai that, and possibly take it out of the censor? Please and Thanks, and good night from the Mitten


  • Maybe it just gives that reason as a general Msg for any type of refusal.
    Lot of celebrity names are also censored in global chat, so maybe same filter is what prevents you from using it as player name (but they just don’t have an alternate “reason wording” as an option for what gets displayed in the refusal message). ?
  • Another_NameAnother_Name Posts: 180

    Did you know Facebook doesn't allow the name Dean Winchester? He isn't even a person in real life.

    That's wild stuff
  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    Some celebrities and companies have trademarks on their names to try preventing them from being used by an imposter. That may be the reason certain names are blocked in-game.
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