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A way to cycle annoying mutant island boss

DariusYiDariusYi Posts: 171
edited September 2020 in Strategy and Tips
Weapon x boss on the mutant island is pretty tough for some. Especially for those who only have max 4*.
A way to minimise revive and pot would be to bring your best 5 champs that can deal with the boss, and take the center path, straight to the boss. No key required. Defeat the boss with your max health champs and when defeated, it would cycle to a new boss. Depending on luck, you might get the same boss again. Just beat him again and hope for an easier boss.

Once you get an easier boss, quit the fight, scout the paths, restart the map and bring in the proper champs for path and boss.

I don't think this is an exploit, as i think Kabam intentionally did this. I hope i don't cause any trouble.
It's a great opportunity for the new uncollected players to hopefully catch up.

All the best, happy looting!

P/s: Thank you Kabam for the great side event quest! Awesome rewards. Much appreciated.
I hope the intermittent connection issue goes away soon.


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