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Alliance members missing in leaderboard

I dont know if this is a known issue but two of
Our members does not show up in leaderboard
when ım looking the list under the alliance category
Does anyone have any actual info regarding this
Does this mean they are using an emulator, banned or modded before etc.


  • Leaderboard of an Ally Event ? If they have 0 points they will not be shown (used to years back, actually wish they would return it to that way and show 0’s again).

    Or in Alliance Membership List ? Sometimes weird stuff happens and doesn’t show some members, even Leader sometimes, which looks really strange. Go to Main and back to Alliance tab and they should show up.
  • WordunkenWordunken Posts: 280 ★★
    In the global leaderboards
    From the cup icon with the alliance filter aded
    We currently have 29 members , they are visable in the alliance members section at the top tab of the game , but when you look it from the global one with the filter aded only 27 people are shown , and always 2 exact person are missing
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