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Corvus SP2 Missing

I've noticed twice now that the second hit on Corvus' SP2 is missing opponents sometimes after making contact on the first hit. I've only had this happen twice but it still happened. Once against psylocke in act 5 last week and now against the uncollected apocalypse boss. Anyone else noticed this happening to them too?


  • TrashPanda12TrashPanda12 Posts: 440 ★★
    For me on both occasions, I was hitting the opponent and used the sp2 after the combo, but the opponent wasn't in the corner. It's like the first hit pushed them out of range of the second hit.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 344 ★★
    edited September 2020
    This same thing is happening with other multi-hit, contact based champs (i.e., non-projectile specials) much like recent issue with Warlock (SP1) and Ghost (SP2). Seems some “tuning” has happened recently and has had side effects.

    Try to get video of it if you can.
  • TrashPanda12TrashPanda12 Posts: 440 ★★
    Ok, I'll try to get a video. It's just really rare as I've only had it happen twice in hundreds of matches, but still a problem.
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