Misspelling in Iceman’s sig ability

Not sure why it keeps bugging me but what is most likely to read as “Cryokinesis” instead reads “Cyrokinesis”


  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 790 ★★★
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    The Horseman ability for apocalypse also says Horsman
  • RoKoPlayzzzRoKoPlayzzz Posts: 240
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    Its spelt cryokinesis not cyro.
    P.s. google didnt correct me.
  • Oh are we doing this? Ok here are a few more:
    - Transducer node description: "The Defender rewards more Power when struck, but it's presence drains the Attacker's Power." Its, not it's!
    - Incursions, "Pickup Boss Module (Choose a rare hack)" I think you mean "Pick Up Boss Module" (pickup isn't a verb)
    - Backlash Pulse node description: "Whenever a Buff would be NEVER MIND, FORGET IT, STOP, THIS DOESN'T MATTER
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