Two higher level players, looking for aq focused (map 5/6) alliance, aw optional

My friend and I are looking for a aw focused alliance with 100mil + points per each aq. Looking for map 5, maybe even map 6. War optional as well. My friend is high level cav summoner, working on completing act 6. I personally am one quest away from becoming cav, hoping to have done so by the end of the week. My IGN is Artic_Towery (King groot profile pic, rating of 298k, 6k prestige). My friend's IGN is Kameleon (Groot profile pic, rating of 568k, 8.8k prestige). Please add me if you have any available slots! Thanks!


  • PkwisePkwise Posts: 4
    Hey have you guys found anything ? Our alliance does 3 map 5s and will be doing 1 or 2 map 6 this next aq round
  • Artic_ToweryArtic_Towery Posts: 37
    We haven't yet, @Pkwise what's ur ally tag?
  • Artic_ToweryArtic_Towery Posts: 37
    If u want to add me in game too, that might be easier
    AQ 655 554 x 4 with mods 180 mil plus awards
    Gold 3 tier 217, missed by a bit but really wanting Gold 1
    Summoner Awards 500 k to 1 mil
    Alliance Events mandatory but we Max Awards fairly fast plus Rank Award
    Need Line but we are laid back adult alliance. Clear your path and communicate.
    Interested, Contact Line Id AGENTBWL
  • @Artic_Towery found you on the game sent a friend request let’s talk!
  • The Wicked House
    TWH8: 29m Ally ~ AQ focused: 5x5, 240m/wk ~ AW available, Silver 1 ~ Line required ~ Adults only ~ No drama ~ 800k rating or 8k prestige ~ Build your account and have fun playing again.

    Line ID: Snoopysurfs
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