Need a break? Want to dial back but still get a good flow of rewards?

Are you a high PI player that needs a break from the grind? Want to be able to play with good quality players just when you want to, without the pressure to compete in every AW or AQ? Or even while you drop AQ/AW to take on a tougher quest like LOL but don't want to be earning zero alliance rewards. Then we could be the alliance for you.

We have a very friendly 7M PI alliance with 2 BG AW regularly running but only for those who want to play. We don't mandate donations but play Map 5 once or twice a cycle funded by voluntary donations (otherwise play Map 3 as its free). Due to the strength of our alliance (avg 260,000 PI) we get SA rewards every week (no holds) and often higher tiers - and a flow of AQ crystals, glory and AW rewards for those that play.

Minimum expectation is 11 x r4 4*s so you can bring to AW D and still be competitive in AW/AQ when you play. ALso, due to our collective prestige, AW/AQ won't be much fun for you.

Hit me up on the forum or boyfromoz in-game or on the Line app ID: boyfromoz28


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