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I wish I could find...

9800 prestige and still on the way up. Looking for the perfect fit for once. I’m not in a rush this time so please hit me up if you think we’re a match not just to plug holes. I need true love. Then I’ll plug your hole. Dirty jokes and active chat are a bonus!

Line=2madbeez in game= Madbeez
I’d love to run map 7 for AQ if there is such a thing. But 6 is fine. I have loads of experience. I love AW but don’t want to spend 100’s of dollars to win a winter soldier’s worth of five star shards feel me? I’ve always finished my paths and had BK responsibilities in G1 ally for many seasons. Don’t mean to toot my horn but I’m legit. I have a sick defensive squad and can rank another R2 right now.

But here’s the catch. I’m on the west coast and about 1-2x a month I have to be on a 5am flight across country for work and on those days I get stuck in Map 6 if we aren’t into third section by like 8am Eastern time. Only happens every blue moon as I said. But I don’t wanna let anyone down. I play later than most so I def put in work and I’m skilled. I’d also like some good witty banter. Maybe some active incursions runners. Communication not a problem. Dirty jokes are great. Not into an ally with only four people with no lives running 6 accounts each, answering every question in the chat room immediately. You know the type.

Line 2madbeez


  • MadbeezMadbeez Posts: 87
    Map 6 with one BG of Five would be good. With flexibility to jump around when needed. (Rarely)
  • Captdeadp00lCaptdeadp00l Posts: 186
    Id love to get you into one of our groups man, the humor is perfect. Would love to say that what we run is a perfect fit it's not but its damn close. IGN&Line captdeadp00l
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