LF 1 for our Map 6 BGs. AQ 300M. AW G1/G4. Discord.

The Shadow Power [T+S+P]
A Drama Free Alliance
We are a multicultural AQ Focused alliance looking for active, dependable and fun players to join our team. We have members in 7 countries across the US and Europe.

Alliance Prestige: 10,315
Alliance Rating: 35M
AQ 300M Milestone - Top 800
1 BG on 6x5, 1 BG on 66555, 1 BG on 5x5 (all BGs run heroic/master modifiers)
Platinum 4 last AW season, targeting Plat 4 or Gold 1. AW tiers 4-6.
AW Rating 1475

We are looking for someone to join either 6x5 or 66555 for AQ.

Must be based in a US/Europe timezone
10k+ Prestige
Must be active, dependable and willing to communicate via Discord

Contact in-game or Line: cur53d
Discord: cur53d#0502


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