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Rank Rewards for 7h Class Combat event not distributed

VernVern Posts: 48
edited September 2020 in Bugs and Known Issues
App version: 28.1.0
Device: iPhone 11 Pro
iOS: 13.6.1

Game mode
7h Skill Combat (ended 17h from this post; this was the first 7h event after Update to Solo rewards were made)

Steps to reproduce
1. Cleared all 4 basic milestones (to 27,000)
2. Saw that ranked rewards required 40,000 minimum
3. Racked up more points to hit 47,210
4. Ranked 124
5. Did not receive ranked rewards

Expected outcome
Hitting above 40,000 (Or 27,000) should minimally give me 71-100% ranked rewards

Actual outcome
Did not receive ranked rewards in the mail nor on Completed Events tab.

User details
Username: `vern.`
Progression: Cavalier


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