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Buddies looking for solid Map 6 ally. 10k prestige

BK experience in Tier 3/4 Ally. Looking for 100% map 6 for 2 summoners. Please please please be an ally that consistently finishes maps. AQ is my priority now and I’m open to AW but without 100% it’s pointless.

I got all the new toys. I did 80k in S/A last round. I don’t always, but point is I’m still into the game and play my ass off. I want to run map 6 with my buddy so we need two spots. A combo of Map 6 might be OK. I got some skills. My buddy isn’t half as handsome as me but he can ball too. Shows up everyday and finished his lane.

Please, just looking for a stable steady group with some lively banter. Know it alls, allys with 3 people with 10 accounts each or rich middle eastern oil barons with nothing to do but answer every post in chat first please don’t message me. We won’t get along.

Also if you need to ask for pics of my roster we won’t get along. I am ultra competitive have never failed to clear a path and play the right way.

Line 2madbeez
IG Madbeez
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