Arena AI and Rewards Update


As mentioned in our Dev Diary, A Contest Evolved, we’ve got some reward updates coming to Featured Hero Arenas, and a universal update to enemy AI, and difficulty!

Rewards Update

First and foremost, we’ve doubled the number of available featured 5-Star Champions from 150 to 300! The competition will still be fierce, but more Summoners than ever before will be scoring these brand new Champions from the Arena!

But with all Rank Rewards, there will still be those that miss out. For those that have missed the Featured Champions, we’re introducing a new Rank Reward. Summoners that place in the top 1-5% will now receive 5000x 5-Star Shards, and 300x 6-Star Shards.

Featured 3-Star Champions in Milestones

There’s no better feeling than getting to play with a brand new Champion! To ensure all Summoners that want to, can, we’re adding the 3-Star Featured Champion to the final milestone of all Featured Hero Arena (That’s the 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star Featured Hero Arenas, not the 4-Star Basic Arena)!

Difficulty and AI Changes

Enemies in any Arena where you can use 3,4,5, and 6-Star Champions have had the Enemy AI updated to be slightly more aggressive, and more likely to use their Special Attacks! This will give you more openings to attack them and lead to fewer drawn out fights where the Enemy AI spends too much time blocking.

Additionally, we’ve made some changes so Summoners are less likely to encounter Enemy teams with more than 2x their Rating. That means you’ll run into fewer death squads, but they can still happen!

Launching soon!

These changes will go live with the first New Featured Arena in October! Will that be Cosmic Ghost Rider or Red Goblin? You’ll find out soon enough!
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