To END Thronebreaker conversation

There’s better metrics of wether you used your earned resources on an unworthy option or not. What do you think, community. All of these options means you’ve ACQUIRED the resources to rank 3 a 6 star. Wether you’ve rank up a champ on your roster or not, you COULD if you wanted to... my pick is 3... you’ve acquired
resources at that point to show your CAPABLE of completing the task of a being able to take a champ to rank 3, if you CHOOSE based on your champion preference and play style vs. the champs of that t5cc roster available to you once you get that catalyst.

To END Thronebreaker conversation 7 votes

Intial Clear of 6.4 And 1 Rank 3 6 Star
CliffordcanLmaoddomCrcrcrc 4 votes
100% Act 6
16wegnerkBigKidScotty 2 votes
Initial Clear of Abyss of Legends and Initial clear of 6.4
100% Abyss of legends and 1 Rank 3 6 Star
Initial Clear of 6.4 AND Abyss of Legends
KRANꓘ 1 vote


  • MetalJakeMetalJake Posts: 343 ★★
    Mcdonalds said:

    Initial clear of the tutorial should be throne breaker change my mind

    Having possession of the most valuable resource this game offers, should make you thronebreaker. Don’t make me show u my mystic roster
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