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Unable to use 6* in arena

I’ve done all the arenas fine except when it comes to using my 6*s in the 5* features arena - I immediately get this “network error try again later
error message.


  • grud9egrud9e Posts: 85
    I'm getting the same error message when I try to use 6*

    Android galaxy s8
  • YorkshireLadYorkshireLad Posts: 19
    Yeah, same here. No 6* use in arena so that’s roughly 1.8mil points per run I get from my 6* & that’s not counting the losses from game randomly shutting down.
    What happens to missed rewards due to bugged updates?
  • Were those people who had used their 6* earlier, like 11+ hrs ago, when their cool down timer would have refreshed them earlier than the un-helped 12 hour base cool down ?

    I just used all my 6* tonight in 5* Feature arena, and they worked. (Note, first time using them since early yesterday prior to Update, so at least 24 hrs ago).
  • Kingkev_88Kingkev_88 Posts: 10
    Same issue still persist now. Unable to use 6* in featured arena
  • Space_gooSpace_goo Posts: 127
    @MCOC Team

    Not good. Mine worked 8 hr ago. Could see cascading failure. Are y’all using new game version?
  • ScyldzScyldz Posts: 1
    Having same issue I had just put on throne breaker title now I can’t use 6* in arena.
  • UindaKillzoneUindaKillzone Posts: 25
    Using new game version can’t use 6-stars but 4- and 5-stars work fine. All my 6-stars are just coming back from cool down too. Disable whatever validation call is blocking this, Kabam. Then you can root cause it and fix it without disrupting play. It’s probably a really meaningless call too.
  • Space_gooSpace_goo Posts: 127
    Case ticket 05657335

    Didn't think immediately, but I could do a run of 6*s on Android Pixel. I don't get compensation for troubleshooting, so didn't try 6*s on iPhone
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