LF1 Map5 player, 230Mil AQ, optional wars, family like crew! 8k Prestige if poss, Line for comms

Good Afternoon!

We are looking for a Map5 solid path cleared and HT demolisher 😜😜 for our growing Alliance. Relaxed Family like crew with optional 1 BG wars... we cleared 232 in AQ This week and it’s steadily rising. We run a mix of Master/Heroic mods and appreciate people play round their jobs/family commitments. 8k prestige would be an advantage to keep our a AQ score on an upward trend.

We use Line for comms and keeping it all running smooth. Sense of humour and ability to take a Thing joke or 2 must... πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Most are US players, but all welcome!

Give me a shout and an account screenshot ingame or on Line if you fancy a chat about our space.
Line or ingame ID: twistedcowgirl


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