170K Rated Player, LFA

Hey Forum,
I'm a Free Agent once again. Just to give a heads up, I don't use Line or any other third party app for messaging. I can be reached in game, on here and on Reddit. My username is the same for all three. You can check out my profile and see it it's a good fit for you. I'm not looking for anything to crazy and strict. Absurd donations are a no go for me. I like AQ and AW. I'm more so focused on getting T4CC so I can rank up my champions. I have experience with Maps 1-4. I'm pretty good at taking care of my lane. I'm not the best but I do give 100%. I have cleared ROL and ACT 4 100% so I'm not too distracted with much else at this time. I have to Balance, Work, Parenthood and life with this game so I would hope that is understood. So if I can be an asset to your alliance, please feel free to contact me in game or reply here. Thank you all for your time.


  • Hey mate. We are an Aussie based alliance doing map 4 sometimes map 5. Look us up our tag is rwwp. My game name is WiremuDavis add me if you are interested
  • MheikalMheikal Posts: 91
    Hey man,

    We are a newly created alliance with 7 members atm. But we have strong players with boss killers as well.

    We are to start our first aq/aw with the next series. We are thinking to start with map 3 to test the waters then move to map4. If that sound okay to you please pm me on m_heikal in game/line.

    Here's to growing together!
  • More then welcome to join us mate :) 5.5 rated alliance feel free to contact me : Madjayjay
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