3 days ally events awards need to have buff

Recently we received solo events buff, and I will say it was move in right direction. It was a while since those event was introduced and award for completing it was unrealistic. No we could feel it is wort of effort to finish those events. not only for milestone rewards but for rank rewards as well.
I am not complaining about milestones which are already buffed an have decent spread of milestones. But the rank reward....
As a ally we can collect more points during events, exciting top milestone, but what we will get as top reward???

- Ultimate crystal which can give us 3* with small chance of 4*
- 300 5* shards
- 5 5* signature stones

to be honest it not what I call realistic reward, for outstanding effort needed to reach first place.
The rewards need to be updated to at least:

- Legendary crystal which can guarantee 4* with small chance for 5*
- 100 - 300 ^*
- 5 5* signature stones

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