8.5 Prestige Looking for AQ FOCUSED ALLY and/or AW Optional

I have 8.5 prestige and have completed 6.2 (before nerf). I would like to join an ally that does map 6. If interested add me please.
Line: xxawesome154(EST)
Discord: *_* #2759


  • PopItOffPopItOff Posts: 36
    Also a ally that places top 3500 or higher
  • Couldn't find you on Line using provided ID. I know you are looking for map6 but if interested in running map5 with epic modifiers, hit me up at Champs2020 on Line. War is optional for us as we run only 2 BGs in the war. We score 260M+ in AQ - will be open to run 1 BG with map6 in the near future
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