1-5% 5-star Featured Arena Rewards low and spirit crushing

I believe the top 5% rewards are not only low, but they can be soul crushingly frustrating.

Ever since his debut in the comics in 2018 I've been a massive fan of Red Goblin, and ever since then he's been in my top 5 wanted champions to be added to the Contest. So when I found out he was coming my excitement was through the roof and decided to do everything I could to try to get him. Since the pre-release bundle was Never offered (for...some reason) I resorted to units, and opened 18 featured cavalier crystals. Not a single 3* Red Goblin.

I didn't try for the 5* featured arena because my roster is low (9 6* and I just had my 5th rank 5), but when I noticed the cutoff was shockingly low I decided to try for the second round, spending all my arena, attack, hp and champion boosts, all the units I had to refresh my big champs ass often as possible and sleeping about 3 hours a day in order to collect almost 39 million points. The cutoff was about 42 to 43 million. So after 18 crystals, 3 days and all the pre-release bundles for Cosmic Ghost Rider (still no Red Goblin) all I had to vouch for it was my top 5% rewards.... 300 6* shards and 5k 5* shards which I couldn't even use.

It's sad enough when you try all you can to get your dream champ to add to the fact that if you barely miss you don't even get 10k shards in order to AT LEAST open a crystal even though it's probably Ant-Man or something like that, so if I spent 3 days with no sleep and spent all I could for someone I didn't get, I'd appreciate a full consolation prize, not just half of one. At least that way I'd be more willing to go through it all again, but the way it stands I don't see myself grinding just for half a crystal

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Are the rewards fair? Should they go up in order to promote more arena play?


  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 453 ★★★
    The grand prize for grinding to win an arena is a 'guaranteed' champion. The one you'll get from grinding 5* or 6* crystal shard is a 'random' champion out of a pool of almost 200 champions. That is why the competition for the Arena is tough. Take a rest for a while and if you really want him, better save up your 6* shards for the next Featured this December.
  • ImGodMFImGodMF Posts: 146
    Unfortunately if you just love the champ, the 3 or 4* arena is less of a gamble. The 5* feature is highly valuable and highly contested.
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