RIB looking

We are a 9 mil alliance looking to replace a couple of folks
AQ map 5x5 every week we finish around 1400-1500 each time Our prestige is around 4300
Event minimums
Completion 15k
Duels 650
everything else is always achieved by the group so we don't set minimums, no arena grind necessary, sometimes we get those milestones when the basic is good
looking for communicative folks, life always happens but if you don't say anything we wont know, we got a bunch of strong guys who are willing to help out and are knowledgeable
Mostly based in U.S but we have folks all over the globe
We request you can hold your own in AQ and AW, this usually means having a couple of R5 4* or higher
Line Required

hit me up at ttang002 on line, or in game ttang

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