Get your own custom character in MRoC for MCoC (Concept by me)

Hello everyone, I write this text based on an idea for the development of the game MRoC (Marvel Realm of Champions)
Maybe this idea is not taken into account or is already in the game plans, but I hope that at least the developers can read it.

While the idea of ​​MRoC is to make the summoner a part of the legends he led during MCoC history, how could this be accomplished within the two games?
I don't know the history of the second game and I don't know how it will play out, but the idea I propose is:

What if at the end of MRoC, the summoner, along with his new abilities, crosses over and returns to MCoC with his new abilities as a playable character?
What I want to get to is that, as a reward for completing the MRoC story, we could add the option that the summoner that we customize can be added to the normal MCoC as a playable and independent character for each of the summoners, I think you understand my point.

As I understand it, the idea of ​​the MRoC is that the option to customize and do everything our way becomes a reality, right? Well then, maybe this idea can tie both games together in a more direct way, although I know that in case there are connections in the game, maybe this idea could be liked by the community, as personally, I would love to have a character created by me in a game that in itself is very good and remarkable, and I think I'm not the only one.

The concept of this idea:
When the summoner returns to MCoC with their abilities, this character that we ourselves create will be for individual use, that is, that we can only have and use in missions and fights, and that each one will forge their abilities in MRoC, obviously there will be limits to avoid breaking the game, that's the main thing since summoners won't be able to break the game.

This idea carried out in alliance wars would be something that in my opinion would bring a good plus to the game, imagine a summoner deploying his character in defense, and another summoner faces him and thus, it feels like a more interactive combat in my opinion.

Well, there are several details that should be better raised about this idea, and I hope that if you take them into account it can become a reality.
I do not know if someone has already published this idea, but if so, I hope I do not have problems.

Good morning, afternoon or evening everyone.

Atte: HugoBittly32 (In game)
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