We r looking for an alli for two

Hi, me and my friend r looking to change our alli due to lack of activity and organisation. We both run map 5, have line and are extremely active. Let me know if u have any open spots. Thx


  • Jeschatts88Jeschatts88 Posts: 34
    Hey I’m Jeschatts on line.

    I have a 554 180 mil + AQ alliance

    3.6k glory Silver AW.

    You guys would fit great!

    We would be removing an alt. So we could a lot you right in.
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 27
    Sound good mate.
  • Jeschatts88Jeschatts88 Posts: 34
    Awesome! Look forward to talking with you on line!
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 27
    We are ready to join straight away
  • Jeschatts88Jeschatts88 Posts: 34
    Sounds good!
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 27
    My line is zeus1020 😁
  • mkuhn19mkuhn19 Posts: 61

    Maps 543 currently and can take you immediately mkuhn19 in game and on line app
  • Darkknight_94Darkknight_94 Posts: 14
    Any chance i can get in ? Aq focused i need ! Not so interested jn aw but can participate sometimes if needed !
    Free to play player
    Also have line app installed
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