New Jersey Alliance (NJA7) looking to recruit solid team oriented players …NO LEACHES!!

We understand everyone has a life outside of MCOC and know our members can’t grind all day, every day. We’re simply looking for loyal dedicated alliance members who are able to follow simple rules, communicate effectively and want to be part of a team that works together moving forward. If you love the game and want to progress “stress-free” with a good group of guys, then “NJA7” is the group you've been looking for.

New Jersey Alliance (NJA7) by the Numbers:
• AQ maps alternate 2/3 and we play back-to-back min 5x per week
• AW tier 9 and we typically play once a week
• War Rating: 1,155.
• Alliance Rating: 2,277,048
• Average Member Rating: 151,803

If interested in joining, please send a friend request in game to “DrewEternal” or “Mister_Face” or via LINE app using same IDs.

Please note: If invited to join our alliance, you MUST have LINE app and confirmed LINE id within 12 hours as this is our primary method of communication.


  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 855 ★★★
    how bout leeches?
  • Mister_FaceMister_Face Posts: 24
    thanks. autocorrect got me with leeches to bleaches and you only get 15 mins to edit after you've posted. i'll repost and hope i can edit/delete later with the help of a moderator
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