Looking for 300m aq, no war

I'm looking to move to a new alliance, I want 300m weekly score and don't want any war at all. Currently doing map 6, so very happy with that. 10.4k prestige.


  • GinanknucklesGinanknuckles Posts: 57
    What's your ingame or line ID ?
  • Nwac143Nwac143 Posts: 5
    Hey buddy. We are looking for one or two players to get back to 300 mil. We usually run 656x5. Contact line nwac143
  • ZeuszeroZeuszero Posts: 15
    We run map6x5 with mainly epic mod, 400m weekly, hit me if interested;
    line Id: zeus1234567891011121
  • PleasureDomePleasureDome Posts: 60
    Hit me up on Line if you’re still looking, we are map 6 with optional war
    Line ID: pleasuredome
    IGN: PleasureDome
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