Someone can join my acc

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Hi support I can’t understand how another hack my acc guy still join?? I linked for acc my google play and Apple and change new password for game anyway this guy can join,please check my acc
I open thread for support and support long time silence! Please I need fix this quick
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  • If you had this game account on a previous Phone, might be that the “default” for that Phone is using that game account.
    “Default” account on a device does NOT need to actually login (it knows that is the account you initially setup).

    If so, you need to ask Support (send in a Support Ticket) and ask them to DISCONNECT your account from being used by that other phone.

    (and suggest you remove your personal email from your original post above, don’t want everyone on forum here to see it).
  • Please be patient and give support time to get to your ticket. They'll help you further once they have the chance to respond.
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