Can't Decide Who to Rank Up

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Who would you rank up? I would appreciate your input, as I am having trouble deciding. I really want to take up Red Guardian, but I know he's better awakened. I already have a 5* 5/65 maxed CAIW, so he may be a future option. Thanks!

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    Whoever you want. I think the Awakened colossus is the best of those options, but whoever you like the most.
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    Depends on who you like and what you want the rank up to do. I personally would NOT rank up Stark, Namor, or CapIW. Stark because I just don't think he's worth it over someone like Guillotine 2099. Namor because he really needs max sig. CapIW for the same reason as Namor - his amazing utility is not reliable until max sig (or at least very, very high) and you already have a maxed 5/65 anyway, so it's not like it's adding anything to your roster.
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    I think this depends on what you need. sym for some really annoying stuff and a traditional mystic, sorcerer supreme for mystic stuff, stealthy or beard guy for slow for example. id go 5* colossus with no other info
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    un groot...
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    We can't decide what to think!
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