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R5 Rank-up

Just opened 3 5* crystals and pulled Hit Monkey, Dragon Man, and Hulkbuster. Don’t k ow much about them but can take only 1 to R5. Are any of them worth it unawakened? I still need to explore Act 6 and Variant 5. Thanks!

R5 Rank-up 15 votes

Dragon Man
TheHoodedDormammunoor17Sarvanga1_Přìņče01Crcrcrc 5 votes
Hit Monkey
UnidentifiedCreatureScopeotoe987EtjamaDarkDuelistahmm474756avenge_123 6 votes
Kill_GreyPrakhar_82Gr8TonyStarkHSS75 4 votes


  • UnidentifiedCreatureUnidentifiedCreature Posts: 589 ★★★
    Hit Monkey
    Hit monkey, IMO, has more utility and more damage than the other options. He's a decent defender too, and on the right node, he might get a few kills.
  • UMad8ro3UMad8ro3 Posts: 130
    I was leaning towards Dragon Man since my only R5 mystic is Magik and I have an 6R2 Sym Supreme. My skill R5’s are Blade, Aegon, and Stealthy.
  • UMad8ro3UMad8ro3 Posts: 130
    Anyone have experience with Dragon Man? Does he need to be awakened?
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