Relaxed alliance LF map 4 players

We are ×JKB× - Just Kick Back
LF map4 players
We are a chilled alliance
No event minimums, but a fair return expected.
AQ mandatory
AQ is currently map 2 x 5
Preferably 7k plus prestige, but negotiable.
We used to run 4 2 2 but we lost a few players who went back to the big leagues.
I'm LF people to play map 4, so we can get back up to the 60M milestone at first then push on to a second map 4 BG with the aim to get 80M a week and beyond.
If you want to take a step back from the higher AQs but still remain active we are that in between space.
Many of our members are working towards act 6 exploration and don't want the inconvenience of having 8 champs locked up in war.

Hmu @ljp77301 on line or in game @L J P for any other information.
See you in the contest!


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    leejpriceleejprice Posts: 43
    LF 5 players now so mini merger considered for the right people.
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