Champ rarity

Is there a list or chart of some kind that tells how rare certain champ drops are? Like the OG ultron for example or a kang


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    Those will never drop from a crystal. All champs in the crystal have the same odds, according to Kabam.

    Ultron Classic
    Deadpool Classic
    Vision Classic

    These were only available for a limited time, either for cash, units or in a holiday/special limited edition crystal..
    Except Ultron, which requires 100% clear of LOL. And Thanos for the first 300 to do it, I believe.
  • Awesome- great insight! Hate I missed ultron but I am a newbie

  • Vegeta9001 wrote: »
    You haven't missed Classic Ultron, but it'll cost a pretty penny to 100% the Labyrinth to get him. As for Kang, he'll come back round at Christmas, Vision probably at the anniversary of the game, and not sure or Red-Pool.

    So you're tellin me there's a chance!
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    Not sure if it's what you are asking, but it would be interesting to know whether every champ has an absolutely equal chance at all times for all Summoners of dropping out of a crystal--say, a 4* crystal where the only variable is which champ you get. The game RNG theoretically produces a random result under those circumstances, but there are always odd scenarios (like 6 Archangels being pulled during/after the last run of his arena within 2 days of each other in the same alliance).

    Key to the question is whether each champ has the same chance of being pulled each time and under all circumstances for every Summoner. I would like to think so. Experience sometimes makes me wonder.

    Do I think that info would be made available? Yes--right after Bases.

    Dr. Zola
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