Top 40 AQ, Plat 1 War Ally looking for 1 after AQ series

We are (NxTP1) Untainted - TP1 and we are looking to bring in 1 new teammate to our alliance.

About us:

- AQ - 7x5 with epic mods, top 40 weekly rank with a 10% t5cc crystal
- AW - Coming off our 4th consecutive Plat 1 season finish, with relaxed off season wars. Tier 1/2 war maps.
- Assigned paths.
- No event minimums.
- North American based players.
- Organized AQs and AWs, with an officer core well versed in all facets of the game.
- We use Discord for our communication.

What we want in a teammate:
- 11k or above prestige. We may make exceptions based on evidence of high skill, but nothing lower than 10.8k will be considered.
- North American players, for continued cohesive movement.
- No egos or drama. We don’t have any here, and we don’t let it stick around when it shows up.
- Accountability. Show up, make your moves and clear your paths, like the rest of us.
- A drive to improve and complete all content. Meaning you’ve completed what’s currently available or are in the process of working towards that goal.
- Skill. We aren’t looking for players who just want to tag along for the ride. We’re looking for heavy hitters who can handle the tasks they’re assigned, and are confident in their abilities and knowledge of the game and it’s ever changing meta, as the rest of us here are.

If you’re interested in joining or discussing further, please contact me on:

Discord: •The Ricktator•#1337
In game: •The Ricktator•


  • RickthemangRickthemang Posts: 136
    Still looking for 1
  • RickthemangRickthemang Posts: 136
    Still waiting for the right candidate.

    Add me in game or on discord to discuss:

    Discord: •The Ricktator•#1337
    In game: •The Ricktator
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