Summoner Showdown Update


Last night, we discovered that a qualifying Summoner Showdown contestant has broken our terms of service, and used 3rd party software to modify and unbalance the game. We have a zero-tolerance policy for this behaviour anywhere in-game and have removed them from the competition.

The Europe and Russia bracket will now consist of only 2 Semi-Finalists competing for the finalist space in the region.

It is very important to us that this competition represents the best of our Summoners. We expect those competing in a search for the best Summoner in the world to not only adhere to the rules but champion them.

We are dedicated to keeping The Contest an honest and fair place for all of our players and will take action against any that we find trying to undermine this.

With that out of the way, we know you've all been waiting patiently since the qualifiers. The Next round of Summoner Showdown are coming soon! Keep an eye on our Social Channels and for more information on how it will work, and to watch the Battle to be crowned the Summoner Showdown Champion!
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