30 mil Ally LF 1 experienced map 6 player, AW optional

The 2 pictures above are our last 2 weeks of AQ. 1 week was with a full 30 member doing map 6 day 1 in only 1bg with the rest of the bgs doing map 5x5. The lower score is with only 28 members participating doing map 5x5 across the board.

I am looking for an experienced map 6 player that is a great communicator, has decent to great skills playing the game and above all else is a solid teammate willing to help, encourage and push those around them in a positive way. If you are looking to progress and counting to get better please reach out to me via Line app. My name on there is zbot34. Thank you


  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am looking for another player to join my Alliance. I would prefer a player who's prestige is between 9k to 10k but if you are between 7.5k to 8k with map 6 and map 5 experience that is fine too. Please if you are interested and want to learn more hit me up on Line app zbot34
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    I am now looking for 2 players with map 6 experience or at the very least feel they are ready to compete in map 6. Please if you are interested reach out. Thanks
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 280
    Well I found 1 of 2 just now. So I need 1 more to join us. I would prefer this last player to be of prestige of 9k or higher if possible. Thank you
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