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Please respond to the multitude of posts inre ingame problems

I am tired of getting directed to the bugs/issues thread when nothing comes from it. It's all well and good when there are random complaints about, well random stuff, however, the canned response of tell us your device/op system/update status gets very old when there is zero improvement. If there is a change, it is almost invariably flawed. I could literally pay some teens in pizza and caffeine that would do a better job doing QA. Your dev diary is a joke if you will not address the fundamental flaws in the game.


  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 572 ★★
    Its just crickets from the mods in the android lag/crashing thread.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 2,013 ★★★★
    Yeah game is horrible, this rooted node is making for more missed blocks? And more whiffing too, game is not fun at all at the moment
  • Sakic19Sakic19 Posts: 98
    edited November 2020
    Agreed. This game is trash and keeps getting worse instead of getting fixed. I am tired of the game crashing and losing health or champs because of it. It is happening more frequently now. Not to mention the controls seem to be getting worse, especially when trying to block. This makes any aspect of the game not fun to play. But you can count on them pushing new content and horrible offers instead of actually fixing the issues. I have tried the thread but other than the typical bs response, I never hear anything about a fix.
  • Camby01 said:

    Its just crickets from the mods in the android lag/crashing thread.

    The dedicated lag and performance issue threads are for information gathering only. They are not somewhere we will be posting updates and responses to individual users about specific issues.

    We're constantly working to make improvements to the game and the reports we receive in those threads help us to do that. However, there are many devices capable of running the game and many different reasons why things like these can happen. We are not going to be able to resolve all lag or performance issues for all users because unfortunately, there is no "one-fix-all" solution.

    We request that any reports of lag, crashing or performance issues be confined to those threads as it allows us to keep everyone's feedback in the same place instead of having lots of different threads about the same issue being spread out over many different Forum pages. It also makes it easier for us to identify specific issues and trends. Regardless of what you may think, every report is thoroughly reviewed in an effort to make improvements in future updates.

    With that being said, these Forums are a place for community discussion, not one-to-one support. If you've encountered an issue and provided feedback in one of the dedicated threads, thank you! Rest assured, we are looking into your concerns. However, if there's something which you feel requires a direct response, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team by clicking HERE.
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