6.3.2 (NF quest)

Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 6,668 ★★★★★
I really don’t like fighting NF, and now that I can’t use debuff heavy champs it’s even worse. I can clear the whole Spider-Man path with CAIW parry-heavy, but I really don’t know my best bet for the boss is. I could ramp up either Ægon or G2099 on the GG and Bishop fights (although they have a lot of block damage)

What should my team be?


  • 16wegnerk16wegnerk Posts: 208 ★★
    It’s a bit of a misconception to not use debuff champs. It’s actually incredibly useful to use characters with reliable debuffs woven into their combos, such as sunspot or deadpool x-force (awakened). Both of these champs can solo the fight, but it’ll take a while. Strategy is to use constant debuffs to push nick to SP2 over and over and bait that out as it’s easy to dodge and get an opening afterwards.

    Attackers like nick fury or human torch should work well for you as they have debuffs you can rely on. It gets tricky when you’re unsure if a debuff will proc or not.

    Another route would be to go for mutant attackers to keep his intel levels down. If you stack a team with some high level mutants (omega, domino, emma, gambit) you should have a fairly good time though this route relies more on your skill than the easier “dodge sp2, repeat” strategy mentioned above
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