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Which Champ to Rank 5 ? Who will be more useful for Act 6 100% exploration.

MaxLeeMaxLee Posts: 159
edited November 2020 in Strategy and Tips
I already completed Act 6 all chapters 1st run .. planning to start exploring 100% Act 6.

I already have at R5 or R2 6* - Aegon, CG, CAPIW, Blade, GR, BWCV, SymSup, Venom, HumanT, Hyprion, Red Magneto, Omega, Domino, Void, Stealth SM, Stark SM, Guil2099 and Ghost.

I can awaken Darkhawk with tech Awk gem. Iceman and Emma also with Mutant Awk gem if required.

Which Champ to Rank 5 ? Who will be more useful for Act 6 100% exploration. 16 votes

She Hulk ( Duped)
CiciliatoabqberLenDog932Iron_Patriot_is_litNuclearOrkCheesePizzaRed 6 votes
GwenPool ( Duped)
Thefire13 1 vote
IceMan (Unduped)
Sorcerer Supreme (Unduped)
UnidentifiedCreatureKill_GreySarvanga1_ZeBlahMaxLeeShannok 6 votes
Emma Frost (Unduped)
Rouger4Shenk 2 votes
DarkHawk (Unduped)
Nightclub16 1 vote
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  • She Hulk ( Duped)
    She hulk has a lot of utility and is a great counter for unstoppable, good counter for 6.4 hydra adaptoid boss I believe as well
  • Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 7,644 ★★★★★
    Sorcerer Supreme (Unduped)
    Dude, the regen on this gal is a godsend for act 6 as a whole. Wanna cheese gimme? Sorcerer is your gal.

    Also, you have Stealthy up, so shehulk isn't needed at the point you are. As for sorcerer, she's an even better option for 6.2 Champion.
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