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Hello forums
I have recently received a message from the the game that my account has been banned for violating the terms.
I would like to defend my statement that I have not done any of the hacks that would change the authenticity of the game.
Yes I would also like to clarify that I have been using a dual space app to run 2 account in the game.
I would also like to add that I already asked the kabam support page if I we can using such apps.
They replied that unless any app makes changes to the game that app is safe
I thought that I simply shouldn't use it so I forgot to logout of the game in the dual space app.
I believe that the game maintenance have taken this as a third party application and have banned my account
It's an humble request to please help getting my account back
I am not a very high skilled player but I am looking forward to play this game.
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    Hello Rowther. The forums are not the place to discuss any actions taken on individual accounts, including in-game bans. There is more information here in our forums regarding bans.

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