These 4 changes to Immortal Hulk can easily make him one of the best champions of 2020

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Spent another day playing with my brand new, Sig 1 immortal hulk (and yes we are still hoping for a buff) and here are some things that are 'affordable' for Kabam to implement with regards to this champion.

1. While Immortality is available, rage stacks do not expire. If Immortality is on cooldown, rage expires after 2sec (current ability)

Note: This would allow Hulk to reach the massive damage capabilities he has much easily and possible become the top 10 burst damage champion. A very few fights had me never losing Rage and by the time I got to my SP2-SP1 cycle, I was only 45~ hits in and the fights were over; 250-300k hp fights! Additionally, this ability would also make him much less reliant on stunning the opponents.

2. Having absorbed Gamma Radiation at near Ground Zero distance of a Thermo-Nuclear detonation, Immortal Hulk has 95% resistance to all energy attacks and effects in the battle realm

Note: This would give him a niche bit of utility that would make him possibly the most energy damage resilient champion in game (after mordo). It would extend to debuffs such as incinerate, coldsnap, shock, plasma, nova flames (yes?!) and other similar debuffs but not to direct damaging debuffs like bleed, degeneration (double check if its direct) and possibly power stings.

3. Immortality Cooldown is now reduced by up to 40% based on signature level. Additionally, Immortality is immune to ability accuracy modification.

Note: Something a lot of people have been asking for a while and do not think this would break him. During this phase, ideally you would want to bait specials and let your rage fall off so you do not damage yourself as much.

4. Immortal Hulk's attack increases by 50% for every 100% HP lost during the fight.

Note: Currently this is capped to 100% attack for 200% HP lost but with the above change, he might be viable for longform content as well or fights where opponents heal a large amount of HP where outdamaging them would be possible with this change.


  • CrcrcrcCrcrcrc Posts: 5,240 ★★★★★
    #2 makes Doom and BWCV unable to damage him.
  • Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
    Crcrcrc said:

    #2 makes Doom and BWCV unable to damage him.

    Which is good for overall utility right? Corvus n Ghost are terrible matchups for Maw. Any mystic suck vs Torch.
    Claire, Doom, SymSup and Magneto are more or less useless VS iHulk. Not too overpowered really
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 12,111 ★★★★★
    I like 1 and 2.
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