Game Not loading on 4gLTE Service.(Galaxys10)

Hello all, was just wondering if anyone else has been having issues loading or playing the game on a galaxys10 or other android phones. I never had a problem with the game despite some random disconnects on wifi, but now mcoc won't even load if I'm not on wifi.

My phone will load everything else, it is simply an issue loading mcoc. Would love some feedback and or help about this.


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    nh4clnh4cl Posts: 122
    Seems a lot of Samsung devices are having this problem right now.
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    JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    iOS here and won’t load.
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    This is getting worse on every update they make.
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    I have problems in loading
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    Android Vivo Y12 : device name
    Shivam Rajak : game name
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    I have Samsung Galaxy S10+ and since yesterday November 18th game doesn't load with 4G LTE internet. As soon as I turn Wi-Fi on - start working. Can't play being outside the house.
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    gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 612 ★★★★
    edited November 2020
    Yeah, same here. I can play on wifi, but mobile data hasn't worked in weeks. There are countless people with the same issue but kabam is being pretty tight-lipped about giving us updates on their progress, assuming any is being made.
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    Why can't I log in with my Google account it doesn't show up it just takes me to an infinite loading screen
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    Which provider are those that cannot login with mobile connections using? I just tested mine and it loaded just as fast as my WiFi.

    Device : Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Carrier : Verizon
    Connection : 4G LTE
    OS Version : Android 10

    I saw another thread mentioning that Sprint/T-Mobile connections are experiencing problems. Could this be related? Verizon seems to be working just fine, and my 2 year old S9+ isn't experiencing any major in game issues. Occasional input drops, special misfires, and random dash backs, but that's par for the course in my experience. No laggy behavior. Connectivity issues aren't occurring for me either. So if everyone wouldn't mind, state who your mobile connection provider is. Maybe there's a parallel to be drawn from there?
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    Tsl_ApolloTsl_Apollo Posts: 9

    I use a galaxy s10 on tmobile. I have fast reliable service and have no issues on my phone but with mcoc. Ive been playing mcoc for about a year now (on the same device) without any problems.

    Only recently did the game not load for me on 4GLTE, only wifi.i have had disconnect on wifi issues prior to this only.
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    Kabam BooKabam Boo Posts: 840 ★★★★★
    Hi folks! We're sorry you're experiencing some network issues. We are logging your reports accordingly and will look into these incidents with our team. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation at this time.
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    EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    Seems like it's a problem with TMobile and some other providers. I'm on Verizon and my S10 is running the game really well.
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    sacoma_sack78sacoma_sack78 Posts: 142
    Samsung A20. Load times are painfully long. Lost health in AQ because of this.
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