Morbius and Hercules, not as different as you think

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I know what you are thinking: you are worried for WHO to pick for the summoner's choice poll. And if you clicked on this discussion, you are wondering how Morbius and Hercules are so similar.

After everyone trashed on Hercules, I decided to do a little research and see if he really was as bad as they say he is, and perhaps I had misread some information. I found out the answer to that question, (no), and also found out much more about a certain candidate. "How are they so similar? One is a god, the other is a vampire." you ask. Upon closer inspection, however, it can easily be deduced that both are very comparable in their abilities and playstyle. Let's take a look.

First, we have their canonical powers. (Michael) Morbius was a biochemist who obtained vampiric superhuman abilities after a failed experiment. Hercules is an Olympian born with his superhuman abilities and fights for good. Their powers are actually quite similar, considering they both have the basic superhuman abilities with some extra unique ones, like Regeneration, Acrobatics, and Immortality. This shows how they are canonically similar with their abilities and character.

Obviously, most people don't care about this much and are more interested in how they play/function in the game. But I had to put that section first so you get to know a little bit about both. So let's get into their playstyle.

How do I know how they will play? Well, I am going to use a source provided by Kabam themselves.
This website was posted along side the tweet revealing the top 4 candidates, "Hello, Summoners. In the spirit of #MCoCSummonersChoice we wanted to talk to about the Class Wheel. For more info click here:

So, let's get on with it. Morbius has been confirmed to be a Science, and Hercules has been confirmed to be a Cosmic.
For the Science Class, champions are known to have a defensive/tanky playstyle while enduring threats and punish opponents for using special attacks.. Think Cap IW, Void, Thing. The Cosmic class accumulate unique buffs and synchronize actions with these buffs, as well as having regeneration, autoblock, and physical resistance to have a good balance of defense and offense. Think Hyperion, Captain Marvel, Venom.
Both of these classes are quite similar, with offensive and defensive capabilities being utilized while attacking. Obviously, both are not carbon copies. I am not even going to try and say that they are the exact same. What I will say is that I have a better understanding of how awesome both of them are, and that they are not complete aliens to eachother.

For once, I am going to THANK the Omega Sentinel voters. Because of them, I was able to see how cool it is that Morbius and Hercules are so similar, and even convinced me to rethink if I am voting for Hercules or Morbius.
I am not trying to start any hate, or debate, or anything. I just want you guys to get to know more about what's good of these two underrated candidates.

P.S. Morbius won't get added when his movie comes out unless it comes out past 2021. 1. It's a Sony movie 2. Kabam themselves said he only ONE champion is getting added in 2021 ( ) "Make sure to vote for your favorite – while all these Champions could be added to The Contest in the future, only one of them will be added in 2021!"


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