LF1/2 after AQ cycle ends. 9.5/10k prest. 5x5 AQ 240mill. Optional war. Line App required.

We are an experienced ally look for one to join our crew once AQ ends this week. We are 240mill 5x5 with mods and pushing for 250 over the coming weeks. We are fairly relaxed and enjoy a laugh in main chat. Most are US based but we are open to all.
We currently run 1BG wars and are Sitting at silver 2. Your more than welcome to join wars, just get your 5 Or sit them out to concentrate on other things.
Mini killers are good but so long as you can clear your paths and enjoy the game it’s all good.
Line required for comms and we ask people are respectful in chat but can take a joke if it comes your way.😉
Pop me an acc screen shot if interested...
Line and ingame: twistedcowgirl

Many thanks!


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